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Swaroop Rathore

Khamma ghani/ Hello/ Namaste, i am here to take you for a beautiful journey. I made this blog to introduce you to Rajputana, its vast traditio...

All Tips

Keep make-up at bay
Always remove any makeup residue on jewelry before storing, to keep it safe from chemical reaction.

Peel Ginger With A Spoon
Try this, it works really good even on curves and bumps of ginger.

More Juice from Lemon
Roll the lemon with pressure before cutting it, you will get more juice everytime.

How to serve ice cream without melting
Before serving place the bowls in fridge for 4-5 mins, and then serve the ice cream in them... :)

How to make perfect scoop of Icecream
Dip the scoop spoon in warm water before every scoop, this will help you slice ice cream easily.....

How to keep salt dry
To keep salt dry in dispenser, put some rice grains which will absorb the moisture.

How to remove Bubbles and pilings from cloths
Try using shaving razor, this will remove the bubbles as it removes hairs, so shave your cloths...:)

Shopping Tip in Rajasthan
Try asking locals rather than guide or shopkeeper, they can help you buy cheaper and good products.

How to fix any zipper
Try rubbing both sides of the zip with candle wax and run the zipper, it will start running again :)

Avoid mirror fogging in bathroom
Use solution of water and vinegar to clean your mirror this will help your mirror defog.

Clean black spots of Gold Jewellery
Try using eraser/rubber and rub your gold, this will remove the black patch on your gold jewelry.