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Rajputana Homes
Swaroop Rathore

Khamma ghani/ Hello/ Namaste, i am here to take you for a beautiful journey. I made this blog to introduce you to Rajputana, its vast traditio...

About us

Rajputana Homes

Things have changed a lot in past decades, Rajputana (New name Rajasthan) has absorbed new tastes and lifestyle but the royalness is never compromised in homes of Rajputana. is created for the people who have the thirst and curiosity of finding more about Rajputana. The idea behind creation of is to bring royalness to every home of Rajputana, bring back the aura that has made people come here from around the world.

About Me: Swaroop Rathore,Founder of Rajputana Homes

Born in a Rajput Family of Chawandiya a village located in Nagour district of Rajputana, have been brought up surrounded by the Rajputana tradition. Family members- Father Shri Manohar Singh Rathore, Mother Rukmani Kanwar and Sister Manisha Rathore and married to Ravinder Singh Shekhawat of Surpura(Pachar)family.

Graduated from Sophia college, was keen on learning about history and culture of Rajputana, expert in cooking and well aware of home management tradition of Rajputana, she always wanted to make efforts in the direction of growth and wellbeing of people of Rajputana. She has also Researched a lot about needs and wants of modern Rajputana and created this platform to cater to these by finding the solution in history, culture and tradition of rajputana.

Awaiting for suggestions from everyone who desire to make their contribution in this journey, please do write to me at